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Squid Game Games

The most watched series on Netflix inspired game creators to make a lot of games with Squid Game.
Along with the competitors dressed in green and pink overalls, with strange masks on their faces and various geometric figures on them, you will participate in a series of competitions.

What is Squid Game? If you're wondering what the name means. In the first episode, the main character Seong Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae) explains that Squid Game was a game that children in his neighborhood once played on a squid-shaped field.

The plot of this game tells the story of a group of people who, due to the need for money, are forced to take part in a secret survival tournament! You will play as one of the participants in this deadly competition, where the winner will receive a cash prize! Are you ready to risk your life and deny all human feelings to win the squid game no matter what?