Pixel Gun 3D is an incredibly captivating multiplayer first-person shooter that will keep you hooked. Engage in intense shootouts against real players in dynamic battles that will test your tactical skills and your proficiency with a wide range of firearms.

Prepare for action-packed rounds by activating one of three auxiliary bonuses before each match, enhancing your armor, critical hits, and damage output. Additionally, experiment with a rare futuristic rifle, gaining an edge over your opponents and increasing your chances of victory. Venture into the desolate desert, where hordes of bloodthirsty zombies roam. Can your squad withstand the relentless assault, or will you become a meal for the hungry undead? Ensure the survival of your teammates by administering vital first aid when they are critically injured. Keep an eye out for scattered ammo and first aid kits across the arena. Rack up as many kills as possible before the timer runs out to claim the top spot on the leaderboard!

Utilize the money earned during battles to acquire additional weapons. In the Equipment menu, you can combine different weapons to create new and powerful guns. Collect diamonds to unlock unique skins and a plethora of accessories. Climb the ranks to face more experienced players in thrilling matches. Beginners are rewarded with a free ammo pack to give them a head start!

Complete challenging tasks, open chests containing valuable prizes, spin the wheel of luck, and receive daily rewards just for logging into the game. There's always something to strive for and rewards to be earned in Pixel Gun 3D. Get ready for an addictive, action-packed shooting experience!

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