Welcome to Rainbow Friends: Noob Survivor 3D! As you enter this game, you'll assume the role of a clever young character who bravely ventures into a perilous adventure. Nubik was persuaded by friends to join them in the challenging Rainbow Friends maze where monstrous creatures conduct survival games only for the boldest players. Are you ready to test your courage and join the game too?

Initially, you can only select the standard Nubik skin, but you can unlock more options as you progress. In the maze, seven other players are waiting for you, and the game's objective is to collect colorful cubes and bring them to the central room. Although this task may seem simple, it's actually quite tricky since Rainbow Friends inhabit the maze and attempt to catch the players. To evade them, you must run and hide in a box to avoid getting caught. As you complete each round, you'll receive gold coins, which you can use to purchase a new skin, making the game even more enjoyable! Best of luck, and have fun playing!

Rainbow Noob Survivor was added in Minecraft Games.