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"Trevor 3 Mad Story" is a cool game made in the style of the well-known games of the GTA series. Here you will need to complete missions, steal or buy cars, arrange a chase with the police. All this is possible in the huge dangerous city "Med City", where you will have complete freedom of action. Trevor's story begins with the end of the last part. Break the law, go to your goal, become the biggest boss in this city!

Trevor still hasn't finished his job. There is a lot of work in Mad City. Crime is on the rise in his area and it's not good for his business. All his employees are busy with other work, so you have to handle everything yourself. Help Trevor complete many missions. Get rid of annoying enemy gangs, steal money and vehicles. Buy yourself the best weapons for the money you earn. Each of your tasks will be more and more difficult, according to the plot you will have a choice, to become the head of the mafia, a hired killer, a cool racer, and more. How will Trevor's future develop? Depends only on you! Find out the secrets of the protagonist by playing "Trevor 3 Mad Story".

TREVOR 3: Mad Story was added in GTA Games.
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