Rainbow Friends Horror Escape
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Adventure Games Escape Games Rainbow Friends Horror Escape

Scary Escape from Rainbow Friends is an exciting indie horror game. Today you will find yourself in the most terrible situation imaginable. Only the most dexterous and brave player will be able to avoid the sad fate and escape from the host of monsters that lurk in the dusk. Ready to test their strength? Then, get ready to plunge into the real horror!

The player will find himself in an old abandoned toy factory. Once it was a prosperous place where they created real happiness for children. Beautiful and unusual toys scattered like hotcakes. But for unknown reasons, the factory was closed, and it turned into an old building, where no one ever appeared again. You will play as a stalker who has taken it into his head to get into an abandoned place to find a couple of vintage toys. It was a bad idea! The toy gang "Rainbow Friends" lives there. These are multi-colored plush dolls that turned into monsters and began to hunt people. In order not to complete the list of their victims, you need to collect ten toys. Do not catch the eye of any monster to stay alive. But the Blue rainbow friend and his comrades are not ready to let the intruder go so easily. Can you escape or not?

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