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Action Games Ninja Games Shadow Ninja Revenge

For 10 long years, an ancient demon named Orochi was imprisoned in a dungeon, but he somehow managed to break the shackles and break free! Filled with an unquenchable thirst for revenge, he came to a small settlement at the foot of the mountains and in a fit of rage burned it to the ground, killing almost all the inhabitants of the village! Ninja Arashi is an intense 2D platform game with RPG elements in which you play as a former legendary ninja and embark on a journey through a dark land full of dangers! Avenge the death of your wife and save your kidnapped son from the hands of the shadow demon Orochi!

In the game "Ninja Arashi" you will find 45 difficult levels, in each of which you will have to fight alone against an entire army of samurai! Your hero will have several unique abilities, allowing him to throw sharp shurikens at enemies, quickly close the distance with a dash, or double jump. Avoid various deadly traps such as stake pits, retractable lances, traps, bombs and more. Break wooden barrels, inside of which there can be bags of gold coins. You will need them to buy new items or upgrade abilities. Activate checkpoints so that in case of death your character will be reborn near the nearest totem. Find hidden vaults, the entrance to which will be marked with a dagger on the wall. In them you can find incredibly rare items. The stealth skill allows you to turn into an object and become invisible to enemies for a while. Use it when you need to stealthily sneak up on an enemy. The shield protects you from enemy attacks and poisonous fountains. However, you are still vulnerable to some traps. Scrolls of teleportation open a portal to the next map. Some of them can be well hidden, so be extremely careful. Sometimes dragons will fly over your head, from the clutches of which you can knock out a magical sphere that grants you invulnerability or an extra life. Enjoy amazing graphics and atmospheric locations of ancient Japan! Good luck!

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