Lordz2 io is a multiplayer io game made by Spinbot Studio and set in the Middle Ages; It is the sequel of Lordz.io, and further improved upon the original in many ways! In this game, you have to conquer land and expand your territory. Build your castle and key buildings to support your army, then summon various units to help you in your conquest. Strategy plays an important role; make sure every soldier counts!


  • First build a Castle. Once you have a Castle you can recruit basic Units in the Units Menu (U).
  • Build a Stable to get Cavalery units, Academy for Mages, and Monster Den for Dragons.
  • Build the Forge to access Unit Upgrades.
  • Build Archer Towers or Mage Towers and upgrade them to defend your base, and build a big Wall all around it to be even safer!
  • You can win a lot of Gold and Victory Points by destroying other players buildings. If you win enough Victory Points, you will unlock new territories in the Conquest Mode.

HINT : Use the Formation system to position your soldiers inside your own army. For instance if you want your archers to be in the center of your army to protect your heroe, or on the ouskirts of the army to have more range ?



  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Space bar to dash
  • Hold left mouse button to attack
  • E or right click to activate the special power
  • B to build
  • U to buy a soldier
  • F to arrange army formation
  • Y to upgrade soldier
  • Space bar to split an army
  • C to change formation
  • M to toggle minimap
  • L to toggle leaderboard
  • Enter to chat
  • Esc to enter the pause menu
Lordz2.io was added in IO Games.