Police Games

Now is your chance to discover a vast collection of police games. You have the opportunity to drive and park police cars, to run after criminals, to go on mission with the car, to patrol the streets of the city to maintain peace and order and even to wash the police car. Our games are both educational and fun because it involves any kind of activity you want. Children have the chance to discover many role-playing games, regardless of their degree of difficulty.

Regardless of your age, if you are girls or boys, you have at your disposal a wide range of police games that help you learn new things. Learn how to remove the police car from the locked car park by creating strategies and anticipating the necessary moves to get rid of that position. Discover how to solve police puzzles or participate in car racing with the police, look for hidden letters, or respond to the police's challenge by training with them, chasing and punishing criminals or building whatever you want. We launch the challenge, you will answer and accumulate points by winning the stage with each stage of the game.