Welcome to Shell Shockers, the world's most advanced egg-based multiplayer shooter! It's like your favorite battlefield game but... with eggs. 
Choose your egg soldier and go into battle. Shell Shockers lets you try out different weapons and try to kill a opposing eggs as creatively as possible!. When choosing a weapon, count on what style you prefer to play. Sniper rifle is great for safely sitting in cover, and with a shotgun, on the contrary, you have to get to the enemy almost right. Also the damage of weapons varies. The strongest shotgun, and the weakest machine, but it shoots much faster than another weapon. The gameplay itself is fantastic. There are no friends on the map and you need to shoot at all the eggs that you see. If you die, you will appear in a few seconds in a random place.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can hide in the boxes!
  • Think about an attack strategy.
  • Make sure you recognize the three different egg-soldiers: Soldier, Scrambler and Free Ranger.
  • Collect packs of eggs in order to increase the number of bullets
Shell Shockers.io was added in IO Games.