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Impostor but Huggy Wuggy

Huggy Wuggy

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Once the Pro and Noob patrolled the surroundings of the village to prevent zombies from harm civilians. By this time, Noob was quite hungry, so all he wanted was to taste at least a piece of pizza. Suddenly, two friends stumbled upon a strange find that looked like an ordinary varnish block. From nowhere, a thundercloud thickened above the heroes, on which Zeus himself stood, descended to the ground to warn them about this insidious trap. But Nub was so exhausted from thirst that he could not resist and held out his hands to the alluring Cuba, inside of which he hoped to find a bottle of cold soda. At the same instant, a portal opened that moved the travelers to another dimension, where an unpleasant surprise awaited them ... "A traitor, but Huggy Wuggy" is an exciting arcade survival game that will transfer you to the universe of Amon, where a terrible will hunt for you Smiling monster!

You will be aboard a real spaceship drifting through the expanses of the galaxy. The fact is that the entire crew was brutally killed by an alien who skillfully hid under the appearance of a man. First of all, you need to find and activate 4 varnishes of the block to open a saving portal. If you were not able to run away, then you will be imprisoned. While you are sitting in a cage, your health will gradually decrease. Therefore, use the key as soon as possible, with which you can free yourself from imprisonment. For the successful passage of levels, you will earn crystals that you will need to improve the characteristics or purchase of other useful items. Unlock all unique characters, including hacker, God and many others. We wish you to have a great time!

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