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Strategy Games

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If you are interested in strategy games, we recommend an interesting selection designed to develop the capacity logic game, create interesting strategies to help you win battles. These games will help you develop players skills, dexterity and motor skills, logical reasoning, spatial view, imagination and creativity. Choose any version of the game and Enjoy our free offer. Go into battle or war and learn to attack, defend, create defensive and offensive lines with well-trained soldiers forming team.

Now you have the strategy games that are ideal for boys passionate about anything related to logic, logistics and development of game strategies. You can play with famous characters, participate in battles with pirates, robots, monsters, soldiers, gladiators, mercenaries. Learn to build fortresses or resorts and create defenses to fight with submarines or spacecraft UFO. Explore areas full of treasures and follow a logical line-solving requirements of the game. Reach an island where you rescue stranded or garden invaded by pests.

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