Now you are waiting for a new exciting adventure of the famous hooligan and criminal - Henry Stickman. This time he planned a grand scam. Henry Stickman wanted to rob a bank and aimed his greedy little hands - sticks at the city's presidential bank. All savings and deposits of residents are in this bank. It is guarded very carefully by several experienced policemen and security guards. But will that stop Henry Stickman from getting his prey? Two never! 

In "Stickman: Breaking the Bank" game, you will help a petty thief to become a great and legendary swindler. To do this, you will have a whole set of different items: a teleporter, a ball ram, a rocket launcher, a shovel, a camouflage bag and explosives. Test all the items and see what comes of it. Good luck!

Breaking the Bank was added in Stickman Games.