Bois io is a 3D battle royale io game. Collect weapons, ammo and other stuff. Ambush your enemies. Win this battle! Bring your friends and play online together. Let's go bois! Fight against 100 players in a giant map Battle Royale .IO game like PUBG: be the last one alive to win the match! is the online pixel battle royale game in which you will battle other online players in pixel warfare. You will start alongside all of the other players in the lobby with no weapons. You must quickly search the map for any weapons available for you to pick up and use to defeat the other players.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to shoot
  • F to interact
  • 12345 to switch items
  • E to enter craft menu


Goal in Bois io is to remain the one only who will survive. Battle royale mode means all the players being dropped at the unknown location, get the weapon and get prepared for the battle. The battle itself takes place in red cube. At the beginning you'll see a timer. You should get in to the cube before time is out. If you happen to stay outside of the cube at that moment it's an instant death.

Inside the red cube you'll find a territory that will shrink with time. By the time the available land becomes very small it's better to have a lot of guns, ammo and aid kits. You can find weapons and ammo in the houses, under the stairs and hidden places.
Bois is a great experiment with new features brought to the popular battle royale mode. was added in IO Games.