Action Games 3D Shooter Games Counter Craft 2 Zombies

In Counter Craft 2 Zombies you will meet the mechanics of Counter-Strike, a real Minecraft style combo. Navigate the pixelated maps and shoot down all the zombies that invaded you.
To get started, choose a map you want to play:

  • Assault
  • aztec
  • the bank
  • Dust 2
  • Office

You will be attacked by a number of zombies and you will have to survive the attack. Use the best tactics,

  • move with the WASD keys,
  • by pressing the space key you will jump,
  • sprints with shift,
  • aim and shoot with the mouse,
  • recharge with R and
  • use T for bullet time
Counter Craft 2 Zombies was added in 3D Shooter Games.