Noob the Destroyer is a fun action game where you can relax and release all your stress by crushing all sorts of buildings! Ahead of you is waiting for 10 exciting levels in which you need to destroy various structures with the help of unique weapons.

Destroy the building until the key drops out of it, with which you can open the portal to the next location. Your arsenal will include a bow, a crossbow, a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a plasma gun and even a bazooka capable of smashing even the most solid structure to smithereens with one salvo. On the territory of the arena, dynamite blocks will sometimes appear, undermining which can cause great damage to the structure. Stuff the room with dozens of tons of TNT or install sticky grenades on the walls, which in a few seconds will turn everything around into solid ruins! Build a tower of dynamite and climb to the top of a high-rise skyscraper to blow up an elite penthouse suite. Experiment and find creative new ways to demolish buildings in spectacular fashion!

Noob Destroyer was added in Minecraft Games.
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