Elmore Breakout
Elmore Breakout
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Students at Elmore High School feel the need for breaks and go out to play. In the Elmore Breakout game you will find certain barriers. Help them escape and succeed with their plan before it's too late.

Be the best friend of the students and help them get out of school. But be careful! You will encounter some gaps between the shelves on the road.

To overcome these difficulties, just click and hold the button to build a wooden bridge that will cross it, from one shelf to the next. The character that will help you get through your mission will be determined by a scratch card.

You'll get one at first. Discard all six squares. The character that appears most often will be your avatar. As you walk in and out, you may find other scrapbooks that will help you unlock other characters.

Select which character you want to play
Play as Gumball, Darwin or even Anais to help Elmore High School students get rid of boring classes.

If you build a pretty bridge, you can earn a few extra points. Win the lovely combos, pointing to the sweet spot that is right in the center of the shelf.

You will also encounter some mysterious objects. It may help you to search safely. One of them could be a pair of glasses or even a phone that will give you another chance if you build the wrong bridge. So, collect all the mysterious combos that help you get as far as you can to escape from that class.

So what are you waiting for? Start your search and help everyone get out of high school. Let's start the journey!

Elmore Breakout was added in Gumball Games.
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