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Ready for some fun and mind-blowing adventure? Then, welcome to the "Rainbow Friends" games section! Here you will meet an insidious team of villains, which consists of Blue, Red, Orange, Purple and Green monsters. These freaks love to scare kids and prey on little bullies. But even if you're a little scared, remember that Rainbow Friends is always fun!

Here in "Rainbow Friends" games category, you will find exciting games of various genres: adventure games, musical battles, puzzles, scary, and much more. For fans of horror movies, we have in store a couple of chilling horrors that will not leave anyone indifferent. If you're more into logic games, then don't miss the collections of puzzles or tricky puzzles featuring our monsters. Bright pictures and unusual tasks will do their job and you will lose track of time. Don't forget about musical duels! It turns out that each of the antagonists has a good voice and you can compete with them on the FNF stage. It will be awesome!