Gumball Oh No Lato
Gumball Oh No Lato

Gumball Oh No Lato


Darwin and Gumball have a critical mission today. Come and hang out with Gumball and Darwin on the roof of Elmore Junior High. The aim of the game is to drop as many items as you can down to your friends Penny Fitzgerald, Anais Watterson and Tobias Wilson hanging occasionally out of the windows below.  Stop her from reaching the roof or it’s game over!   At the same time, the player has to be wary of Sarah, who threatens to chase Gumball and Darwin onto the roof and “creep them out.” She can be distracted by hitting her with scripts from her comic books. If Sarah manages to catch Gumball and Darwin, they can distract her with tape recorders three times; once those run out, the game is over. The problem is that you have only three tapes. When you finish all your tapes, the game will end. Once Sarah will reach the top, and you do not have any more tapes left, she will run towards you and creep you out.

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