One day Nubik came up with the idea of how to finally become the most popular blogger and gain his first million subscribers! He decided to quietly sneak into Pro's house and arrange a grandiose prank by filming everything that happens on camera in order to post the video on the Internet in the future. In the game "Noob Trollit Pro" you will find many exciting levels in which you need to set traps and do all sorts of dirty tricks to piss off your arrogant neighbor.

Explore each room looking for various items that can be used for trolling. But you should be extremely careful and careful, because if Pro notices you, he will thoroughly sweep away for your tricks. Therefore, you need to act as discreetly as possible and, in case of the slightest danger, hide in the nearest closet as soon as possible. You will always have binoculars at hand, thanks to which you can scout the territory and find out where the victim of your future prank is now. Throw banana peels all over the place, stick dynamite in the mailbox, or ruin a birthday boy's party by stealthily eating his birthday cake. Before embarking on the implementation of your cunning plans, you should carefully study the route that the Pro usually walks. Because he obviously will not be particularly happy that you are rummaging around in his things without permission, and also spoil the property. How far are you willing to go for likes and views? Let's find out!

Noob Trolling Pro was added in Minecraft Games.