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"MineTap" is an exciting single-player game in the "Clicker" genre, which will be a real find for fans of the Minecraft universe! You will have the opportunity to endlessly explore the amazing blocky world in search of hidden treasures and incredibly rare resources. Enjoy stunning graphics, an atmospheric soundtrack, and addictive gameplay that can give you a lot of positive experiences!

To get started, go through a short tutorial that will gradually introduce you to the basic game mechanics. Dive headfirst into the crafting of various items to become a legendary artisan or a skilled blacksmith who can forge diamond armor. You have to combine identical blocks to create other materials that you will need to craft weapons and other useful things. From time to time, you will be attacked by all sorts of monsters, including zombies, skeletons, spiders, creepers, and many other dangerous mobs. Restore the destroyed village to get even more additional benefits! If necessary, you can activate auxiliary bonuses that will increase your passive income, damage, and other characteristics for a while. Open treasure chests, complete quests, and get daily login rewards!

Minetap was added in Clickers games.
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