7,8 / 10

Rich Vs Zombies


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Rich Vs Zombies is a fast-paced third-person shooter where you have to fight off an endless horde of the walking dead! The battles will take place on a small blocky arena, where crowds of various carnivorous monsters will appear, who want to feast on your brains. Initially, only a regular pistol will be available to you, but soon you will be able to purchase much more powerful weapons.

For the destruction of the infected, you will earn money that can be spent on buying an assault rifle, shotgun, or even an RPG. Constantly move around the map and stay at a safe distance from enemies so as not to get injured. Climb onto the roof of the house to get a better shooting position. But do not think that the zombies will not be able to get you, because some opponents are able to easily jump to any elevation. Try to shoot in the head for maximum damage. Every 3 rounds you will have a battle against a huge boss and his army of minions, so always be on the alert. Keep an eye on the energy bar, because if it runs out, then for a while you will lose the ability to jump and run. Destroy as many waves of opponents as possible and set new amazing records!

Rich Vs Zombies was added in Shooting Games.