Minesmashers.club is a fun and free minecraft game.

  • You can select you class in the main menu by clicking the character icon
  • To unlock new classes you must level up, and to level up you need xp. xp is gained by eating food and killing enemies

If you liked this game, discover the MineFighters.club game and have fun with the pixelated minecraft characters.


  • your character will follow your mouse
  • click to attack with your weapon
  • right click to sprint (costs xp)

The player can select from the following classes:

  • pig (+50% stamina)
  • chicken (+50% speed)
  • spider (+50% health)
  • wolf (+50% damage)
  • villager (+25% health and +25% speed)
  • herobrine (+25% lifesteal and +25% damage
Minesmashers.club was added in IO Games.
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