Monkey Games

Do you like monkeys? Now you can discover our collection of monkey games that will teach monkeys to care for your loved pets, cheer them or feed them with their favorite food. If you like games of intelligence or dexterity, discovers pairs of monkeys, monkey play Bejeweled troublesome times flaunt your dexterity breaking as many balloons and become the champion of the game.

Our collection of monkey games gives you the opportunity to play along with favorite cartoon characters such as Aladdin's monkey, King Kong, or Ninja Monkey go happy. Along with Tarzan of the opportunity to find hidden numbers or to discover how to play your favorite character as a child like you. You can participate in races monkey through the jungle and learn to use keys and mouse to develop your dexterity to move fast to win each stage of the game. Now you can learn karate and have fun with your loved monkeys. Whether you like games dedicated to Christmas or Easter, you find any game that we go through with monkeys.