is a multiplayer survival game  where you try to survive, you need to craft, to mine, build and explore an island. Explore land, start clans with friends, and raid bases. is an interesting multiplayer game where at the beginning you find yourself on an island with only a stone in your hand. Your task will be to survive, so you have to take care of your basic needs, like how to get food, water or how to stay healthy. You will also need a roof over your head. It is therefore necessary to obtain various raw materials in order to start building. You can play alone or you can call your friends for help and help each other together. At the same time, you can also meet animals or other players on the island and they may not always be friendly, so be careful.
The game also offers great 3D graphics and easy controls. The island is really vast, so it will definitely take you some time to explore it all. Let's do this!


  • W A S D - movement
  • MOUSE - interaction 
  • RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON - build menu
  • SPACEBAR - jump 
  • TAB - inventory  
  • T - voice chat 
  • ENTER - chat
  •  C - crouch
Tribals Survival was added in IO Games.
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