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Urban Sniper 3 game

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About the game

It's called Urban Sniper 3 the game is about a very dangerous side of the underworld where the streets are run by gangsters and criminal and life is cheap. And the only law on the streets is ran buy business men that have money and pay there ways around if they don't like anyone or someone comes to do business on there turf they will take them out. And thats where you come in. You will be the one that will do there dirty work with your trusty sniper gun. each of your job will come to you on your lab top with a brife and you will have to accept them and take out the person or persons that are get mentioned. the missions will start off easy but will sure start getting harder and harder so use your head read the mission brief carefully and don't messup. controls are the mouse and space bar to zoom.

Urban Sniper 3 it was added Sniper Games.

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