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ZOMBS io is a Minecraft + Zombie game with defense towers. Build a base and defend against the waves of zombies. Upgrade to your base and be the most powerful. Be careful, every wave is becoming stronger. How many nights can you survive?

Create Party with your friends to make a great base (though be careful! More zombies will come in than usual when you're in a party)

How to play ZOMBS.io
Stay near a Stash gold mine [hotkey 8] to start your base. At night, a zombie will attack you so it builds fast. Collect stone and wood resources to begin building defense towers. Make sure you build gold mines to start gold generators to work (use gold to upgrade towers as well as buy items in store (B).

Build as many turrets as possible to defend you. WALLS are very important! They will defend the base. With every night you survive, you will earn an increasing score. Want to catch the 100th wave?

ZOMBS.io strategy
TIPS: Build 8 gold mines as soon as possible to maximize gold earnings.

Shop in Shop (B) to upgrade your mug and buy other weapons to help you defend.

Updating the walls is very important - be very careful that the Zombies become much stronger later, and might surprise you!

They place strategic turrets, all have unique statistics.

Zombs.io was added in IO Games.
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